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      1. We’re passionate about promoting healthy, happy lives – and bringing essential nutrients to your table.

        Fuel for a whole life.

        The things we eat and drink matter. Not just their flavors, but the nutrition, freshness and wellbeing benefits they bring to the table.

        That’s why dairy has been one of the world’s most trusted sources of nutrition for more than 10,000 years. It’s why nothing wakes you up more than your first cup of creamy coffee. And it’s why good grades are always best celebrated with a delicious ice cream sundae.

        At Dean Foods, our products do more than feed families. We fuel healthy, well-lived lives, from strengthening bodies to supporting emotional wellbeing.


        Naturally nourishing

        At Dean Foods, we’re committed to delivering the best. For us, that means letting one of nature’s best-loved sources of nutrients take center stage.

        We combine the clean-and-simple of milk with our deep knowledge of food science to bring you a wide range of products with the qualities you want, from delicious taste to nutritional goodness. We take one of nature’s gifts and do what we can to make it better.

        But at the heart of it all? Wholesome nutrients and vitamins from a source you can trust.

        Nourishing Cereal Milk

        Stronger bodies

        One of nature’s best sources of calcium and quality protein, dairy promotes stronger bones and fuels lean muscle growth. Full of vitamins A and D and other essential nutrients, it’s a vital part of a healthy diet for children and adults alike.

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        Better performance

        Whether performance means fast exercise recovery or increased alertness in the office, dairy’s unique combination of protein and carbohydrates packs a powerful punch.

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        Improved wellbeing

        From ice cream sundaes to flavored milk, our foods and beverages are welcome guests in the moments that make life worth living –delicious products that help make memories.

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        It’s good to know…


        60+ studies

        show calcium intake increases bone mass during growth and reduces bone loss with age
        metal bottle

        9 essential nutrients

        make fortified milk one of the most nutrient-rich beverages available
        sugar spoon

        38% less

        added sugar in school flavored milk than five years ago

        A healthy future

        Beyond enriching lives, we believe Dean Foods can play an important role in enriching communities, good causes and the environment.

        Environmental sustainability

        We’re driven to do right by the environment by committing to large-scale sustainability efforts.

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        Social responsibility

        From dairy stewardship to employee safety, the goodness goes far beyond the products we sell.

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        Corporate philanthropy

        Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we take our responsibility to communities seriously.

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